Our Story

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How it started...

Deacon Robert and Odessa Office started the church in their garage in 1950 and were led by Rev. C.M. Cummings.
The church was legally erected on 700 Benton in 1951.
Pastor C.M. Cummings was the 1st Pastor of MBC but resigned to form his own church in 1973 called New Testament Baptist Church.
That same year, Rev. Edward L. Varnado merged Truevine BC into Macedonia BC in which he became the senior Pastor.
The congregation flourished under his leadership and outgrew the building. Then in 1988, our current sanctuary was erected.
Deacon Robert and Odessa Office
C.M. Cummings
Pastor C.M. Cummings
Old MBC Sanctuary
Macedonia Baptist Church
E.L. Varnado
Pastor Edward L. Varnado

What we've accomplished...

In 2017, Macedonia was able to burn its mortgage and became debt free!

In 2020, Macedonia celebrated its 70th Anniversary during one of the worst pandemic outbreaks in history. But God brought the Church together and sustained it financially.  God blessed the Church with the ability to continue to help the community in need of food, clothing, toiletries and any other necessities.  To God be the glory!
Pastor Jeffrey L. Johnson II

Where we are headed...

God has blessed us throughout the years because his hand is on this church! We are sailing full speed ahead with a new logo and a new vision in mind where we are challenged to “Just be. Be the Light. Be the Love. And be the Change.” 

Expanding the vision...

February 7, 2021, Macedonia acknowledged that God said it was time and the Church was ready for a new Shepherd to lead His flock naming Jeffrey L. Johnson II, from Center of Praise Ministries of Sacramento as Macedonia's new Senior Pastor.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather for worship at 10:00 am